Thoughts on Non-Doggy Health Topics

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There are many things that people commonly encounter in their everyday lives and which they do not know about, but which affect them in a negative manner, nonetheless.  A commonly undiagnosed problem is the food related headache.  Many people in the USA, and now in some European countries that are allowing USA origin food to infiltrate their food sources, are experiencing devastating headaches that come from the chemicals that are contained in processed, preservative laden food from the USA.  There is much on the internet about this topic, and a quick Google search will reveal many links.  An excellent book, which is available on Amazon and other places, about food related headaches is:

Heal Your Headache: The 1-2-3 Program for Taking Charge of Your Pain 
by David Buchholz

Many common trigger foods are eaten on a daily basis by unsuspecting people, so if you are experiencing recurring migraines, it would behoove you to do a little research into trigger foods.  Some simple diet changes can give you worlds of relief without the use of unnecessary prescription drugs.

Besides trigger foods, there are some well known chemicals that are added to foods, such as MSG which gives the common "Chinese Food Buzz" symptoms, and which can cause very serious reactions in some individuals.  But there are also other chemicals that cause problems like headaches, but which are not so widely known.  One of these is potassium sorbate, which is a commonly used preservative in/on cheese products.  Cheese manufacturers use barrels of this stuff, as many cheese foods, like cottage cheese, have it mixed right in and the container label will list the potassium sorbate.  

However, prepackaged cheese that is sold in blocks, is dipped right in the liquid potassium sorbate solution.  These kinds of items are not labeled as such, so an individual who is susceptible to this preservative would not know that it is on the cheese.  Also, if a person eats some other food that contains cheese treated with potassium sorbate, for instance an Italian dinner, they would not suspect that they were also consuming the preservative.  Of course, they would have a difficult time determining the cause of the resulting headache.  


Pesticides and Other Chemicals

Buy organic whenever you can.  That's a general rule of thumb.  If you eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, make sure that you read the label, if there is one, to see where the food was grown.  Many third world countries supply the USA with produce.  The problem is, those countries do not have the pesticide regulations that the USA does, and so chemicals which have been illegal to use here for years are still being used on the food crops grown for the USA, and so you are still eating them, even though American food growers are not allowed to use these same chemicals.  

Pesticides, of course, are chemicals that are formulated and used to kill pests (insects, bugs, whatever you want to call them).  And if you eat a lot of them, or if you eat them all your life, the chemicals are accumulating in your body, and they will eventually kill you.  Maybe not in a toxic poisoning manner, but rather by causing other health problems (like the headaches above), or in suppressed immunity that makes your body more susceptible to other health problems.  

Moral of the story is, either grow your own, buy organic, or at the very least, avoid the food items that are grown in countries that may not have the kind of regulations that we have here.  You really are what you eat.  



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