Formation of the

Galgo Espaņol Club of America


Parent Club of the Galgo Espaņol 


In the spring of 1997,work was begun to start a new national breed club for the Galgo Espaņol.  To help introduce the breed to this country, the Galgo Espaņol Club of America, (GECA), was established as the parent club of the Galgo Espaņol in the United States.

GECA's organizational meeting of was held on Saturday, October 24, 1998, at 4:00 pm at Fair Hill, Maryland at the Natural Resources Area.  About 15 people, none of us owning Galgos at the time, were in attendance.  The meeting agenda included organization of the new club, officer selection protocol, procedure for formatting of by-laws, dues structure, and the anticipated importation of dogs.   The FCI standard and the AKC Foundation Stock Service for pedigree maintenance were also discussed.

Initial officers were selected, dues were set, and several committees were established, including By-Laws, and Standard.  Everyone in attendance received a  Sample By-Laws and a Sample Standard Format, as well as the FCI (European) standard for the Galgo Espaņol.  Pictures of various European Galgos were also viewed by the group.

Since then, several GECA newsletters were mailed out, although the Club activity has been rather minimal, due to the very small population of Galgos in the USA at this time.  It is our hope that as the Galgo becomes more numerous here, activity will increase and we will be able to share this wonderful breed with the dog community here in the States.


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