Appalachian Greyhound


Wire puppy from spring 2003, wire coat is barely visible at this age, 

and continues to develop until the dog is a couple of years old



Appalachian Greyhounds have the overall appearance of a Whippet-sized dog, with the sighthound curvy shape and the sighthound double extension gallop.  Appalachian Greyhounds are incredibly decorative in repose or in action.


Appalachian Greyhounds are not very big, so you can have several of them!  As stated in the Appalachian Greyhound standard, there are 3 height divisions:  14" to under 17";  17" to 22 "; and over 22 " to 25".


Appalachian Greyhounds have wonderful personalities.  They are very sweet, affectionate, lively, sensitive and loving, while being dignified and somewhat independent, as sighthounds (bred to course game by sight) tend to be.  Yet they are very much people-loving dogs and want to be with their owners.  Some may make good alert dogs as they may bark a warning, but even these are not yappy as some breeds of dogs are.  However, they are not guard dogs. Appalachian Greyhounds are obedient and eager to please, making them capable of doing obedience and agility work.


Appalachian Greyhounds are capable of running close to thirty-five miles per hour, so they enjoy outdoor exercise.  The coated types can course or race in all kinds of weather due to their protective coat.  Appalachian Greyhounds are not nervous or highstrung like some dogs.  They enjoy a zoom around the yard, and then come into the house and find a comfortable place to sleep.


Appalachian Greyhounds are currently recognized in 4 different coat types, as discussed in the standard:  Smooth,  Longhaired, Wirehaired, and Rough Coated.  The Smooth has hair that is short and firm.  The Longhaired has hair that is soft and straight, or slightly curled or wavy.  The Longhaired variety has no facial furnishings.  The Wirehaired should have a coarse and somewhat wiry coat.  This type of coat does not require tedious grooming.  There is very little undercoat, so maintenance is minimal.   The Rough Coat consists of longer hair, either straight, or wavy, and somewhat soft.  The Rough Coated variety must have facial furnishings, which may be of softer hair, to consist of eyebrow hair and a beard.  With the coated types of Appalachian Greyhound, the amount of coat may vary from individual to individual.    Some will have more coat than others.  The coat should not obscure the lovely outline.  The coated types take the weather very well, not needing a sweater to go out in cold.  Even the older puppies love to play in the snow.


Appalachian Greyhounds come in a rainbow of colors, which is exciting.  No one color is preferred over the others.  Parti-colors (white with spots or patches of another color) are very popular.  However, they come in any color including, but not limited to:  selfs (solid color in - black, blue, red, fawn, and cream);  Irish marked (white on legs, neck and often a blaze on the face);  parti-colors (all color combinations including - white & brindle, white & black, white & blue, white & red, plus other combinations);  saddle-marked (called Grizzle in Salukis); and brindles.


Appalachian Greyhounds are a rare breed type and are not recognized by any closed registry, which is a blessing for a small gene pool breed type like the Appalachian Greyhound.  As is the case for any type of animal or plant, if the gene pool is very small and becomes totally closed it will most assuredly eventually be overwhelmed by the pairing up and subsequent expression of negative recessive genes present in every living being, including dogs.  This pairing up of negative recessives is what causes many genetic health problems in our recognized dog breeds today (See Links pages on closed registries).

Appalachian Greyhounds are registered by their parent club, the Appalachian Greyhound Association  (AGA), which is a division of the Appalachian Sighthound Association  (ASHA), and may be shown for their championships at shows sanctioned by the Appalachian Sighthound Association (ASHA).   

Wire puppy from spring 2003, wire coat is barely visible at this age, 

and continues to develop until the dog is a couple of years old



Rough Coated female, 18" tall.

Same Rough Coated female as above.



Longhaired female, 17" tall, at 9 months of age.


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