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"Promoting and supporting ALL Longhaired Whippets and their owners."


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Club History:

In the best interest of supporting and promoting the Longhaired Whippet worldwide, the International Longhaired Whippet Club has been formed.  The founders of this club had actually been meeting since 1998, when the concept was born and the need for a new, active, and supportive Longhaired Whippet club was discussed and agreed upon.  

In 2001 the club officially became organized, and formulated championship requirements, and title programs for obedience, agility, and lure coursing.  The first Annual Longhaired Whippet National Specialty Weekend was held, which consisted of four conformation shows, an obedience trial, an agility trial, a lure coursing trial, and a Canine Good Citizen Test.  This was held in August, 2001, in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA.  The National Specialty Weekend was a wonderful success, and the second Annual Longhaired Whippet National Specialty Weekend was held in 2002, at the same location, in April.

2002 also saw the formation of the first ILWC regional club, the New England LHW Club, which is based in Northwood, New Hampshire, USA.  The New England group held it's first official Regional Specialty Weekend in October of 2002.  It was a great success, helping to promote the Longhaired Whippets and further support their owners.  They held their second annual event in December 2003, at the All Dogs Gym.

In 2003 a second regional ILWC club was formed, the Midwestern LHW Club, which is based in Minnesota, and they held their first get together in the summer of 2003.  There is a growing contingency of LHW and owners in the Midwest, as well as on the West Coast, and the ILWC looks forward to the continued expansion of the breed in these areas.

During May of 2003, the third Annual Longhaired Whippet National Specialty Weekend was held in Pennsylvania.  Once again, it was very successful, and LHW owners enjoyed showing, competing in obedience, and agility, and lure coursing their hounds, as well as getting together to network with other LHW owners.  The conformation shows, obedience trial and agility trial were held indoors this year, which worked out very well. 

The fourth Annual Longhaired Whippet National Specialty Weekend was held in May of 2004 , and repeated the success of the previous year, being held in the same location, with the same activities.  

For more information, or a membership application form, for ILWC, either phone or write (contact information at the bottom of this page), or email at:




ILWC Longhaired Whippet Registry:

The need for a comprehensive registry, for all Longhaired Whippets, became quite evident many years ago, as there was no active registry for all Longhaired Whippets, and many owners and breeders had no idea who was in the background of their dogs.  Consequently, the ILWC Registry was also formed, and has been officially registering and supplying Certified Pedigrees for Longhaired Whippets worldwide, in a further effort to promote and support all Longhaired Whippets and their owners.  

Registration forms can be obtained by contacting the ILWC representative at the email address below.

For more information contact:




Longhaired Whippet Breed Standard:

A  breed Standard, that could be used by all Longhaired Whippet owners and breeders, free of copyright, was needed, and so was designed and implemented, for use by anyone involved in the breed.   Click on the link below, to read the Standard.

International Longhaired Whippet Club Breed Standard




The International Longhaired Whippet Club has NO affiliation, whatsoever, with the Longhaired Whippet Association (LWA).  





International Longhaired Whippet Club


5730 Olde Scotland Road,  Shippensburg,  PA  17257   Telephone:  717-263-0932   



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