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Pure Longhaired Whippet


For an in depth discussion of Longhaired Whippets, many Longhaired Whippet photographs, Longhaired Whippet characteristics and history, click the picture above, or the link below:

Pure Longhaired Whippet



~ ~  Puppy Page  ~ ~

Red, pure Longhaired Whippet puppies, one available, mid-January.  Email for information.

(Updated December 15, 2007.) 



International Longhaired Whippet Club



"Promoting and Supporting ALL Longhaired Whippets and their owners."

This is a friendly, supportive group dedicated to encouraging all Longhaired Whippet owners and fanciers to interact in a positive manner.  It has been our goal to spread the word about this great dog, and to provide a network for owners to get to know each other.  The ILWC has put on Longhaired Whippet National Specialties for 4 years, and Regional Specialties for two years, which include conformation, obedience, agility, lure coursing, and Canine Good Citizenship tests.  The ILWC also has a Longhaired Whippet Registry, which supplies full pedigrees.  



Closed Registries, Genetics, and Inbreeding Depression


For information regarding inbreeding depression and it's concurrent health problems, caused by closed registries, click on the link above.



Galgo Espaņol

To learn about the Galgo, and our quest for this breed, click the picture above, or the link below:

Galgo Espaņol



Appalachian Greyhound


To read more about this newly developing breed, which was inspired by a desire to  recreate the extinct Wirehaired Whippet, click the picture above, or the link below:

Wirehaired Appalachian Greyhound



~ ~  Puppies Available !!  ~ ~

We do not have any Appalachian Greyhound puppies available at this time, but check back frequently. 

(Click on the picture, above, for Appalachian Greyhound puppy availability.) 

(Updated June 18, 2007.) 



Claybrook Whippets

Claybrook Whippets Website

To read more about our Whippets, and also to see Whippets in ancient works of art, click the picture above, or the links.




~ ~  Puppies Available !!  ~ ~

We are expecting Whippet puppies in early July.

(Click on the picture, above, for Whippet puppy availability.) 

(Updated June 18, 2007.) 




Our Dogs In Their Homes !  

Click on the photo above, to see a few pictures of some of our dogs, in their homes.  



For more information contact:

Claybrook Farm --  Michelle Henninger --  5730 Olde Scotland Road, Shippensburg, PA 17257


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